Roberta Avola
Of counsel

Roberta is an independent lawyer since 2003 and she is a member of “Associazione Avvocati Amministrativisti del Piemonte” (Piedmont Administrative Lawyers’ Association).

In this respect, Roberta collaborates with the Firm in several areas of administrative law (including public contracts and authorizations, services and supplies, urban planning, environmental and regional use) and public employment, which she has dealt with, mainly in judicial litigation, since 2016 (even before higher courts) and also in general advisory matters.

Roberta’s professional practice at “Avvocatura Distrettuale dello Stato di Torino” (Turin District State Lawyers) granted her a great knowledge experience for facing important issues she deals with during her ordinary professional activity, as well as both in civil law (when the Public Administration acts as iure privatorum) and in criminal tax law matters.

After her final dissertation related to “Costituzione e garanzie del giusto processo” (Constitution and fair trial safeguards) and her graduation (summa cum laude with special mention), Roberta performed several teaching and researching activities, also by obtaining special scholarships and by publishing studies and scientific papers.