The Firm

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that’s guaranteed to fail is not taking risk
(Mark Zuckerberg)

The Firm was founded in 2015 on the initiative of Luca Vicarioli, Federica Franchi and Angelo Giunta who, sharing their passion for the legal profession, combined their experiences, values and expertise driven by the ambition of creating a young, dynamic practice with a high-level planning, European vision and a strong will to grow on an international level.

In 2018 Stefano Balzola, lawyer and professor of corporate governance at the Carlo Cattaneo University – LIUC, joined the Firm, strengthening its competences in Corporate law and Financial Market Law.

Thanks to the relationships developed over the years by each professional, today the Firm can rely on an international network of trusted colleagues and other professionals, that serves as a base and point of reference for strategic support whenever is needed on the European and the international scenario.

The Firm has offices both in Turin and Milan and our professionals are always available to meet our Clients at their premises, as the possibility of direct knowledge of the business management and of the company’s structure is considered to be an added value.

Vision and values

Our professionals strongly believe in constant updating and innovation, in specialization, in the deep knowledge of the Client and its business model and in the respect of ethical and deontological principles.

Independence, transparency and fairness are core values of the relationship with our Clients, who are also asked to respect and share these same values, in order to let us create a long lasting, fruitful and close relationship.

Planning of activities, constant monitoring of the procedures and efficiency are pursued on a daily basis also through the support of technological resources with which the Firm is equipped in order to give the Clients prompt answers, consistent with their needs and a constant monitoring of activities carried out in their interest.

The daily comparison between professionals and Client, the interest in the knowledge of its organizational model and the integration between different competences promotes a respectful approach towards the peculiarity of each matter and the actual needs of the Client.

A sustainable growth model and the organizational structure adopted, aiming to enhance the autonomy of each professional within a constant team work, aspire to provide Italian and foreign Clients punctuality, efficiency and personal involvement of our members on each entrusted case, in the context of transparent and sustainable tariff policies.

The Firm is also socially involved in the local community, taking part to charity and social projects for individuals and institutions. The Firm may employ resources to support initiatives in the public interest and provide pro bono legal support on an ad hoc basis, taking into account the actual needs and the worthiness of a project.